Prophecy & Honor DVD

A 2-act stage play written by Joe Moore, this is the riveting true story of US Air Force "founding father" Gen. Billy Mitchell, or Mitchell's unwavering commitment to build US airpower, and his stunning court-martial for defiance of military superiors.

Moore's script uses historically accurate dialogue from the court-martial transcript. The play, with full period costumes, lighting, props and dramatic staging is performed in an enhanced "reader's theatre" format in some scenes, in order to utilize outstanding talent who would not otherwise been available. It permits actors with copious amounts of dialogue to work from pages of the script at their discretion, rather than commit all dialogue to full memorizations.  The Mitchell Gallery of Flight was pleased to assist Mr. Moore with historic information on Gen. Mitchell and his Army uniform.

The play was performed in August 2007 at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii, as a benefit for the new Pacific Aviation Museum at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. The play also celebrates to 60th anniversary of the USAF.

About the cast

The playwright, Joe Moore, served 2 tours in Vietnam as an Army journalist and newscaster. Mr. Moore is Hawaii's best known TV newscaster. Joe stars in the role of Gen. Mitchell. A distinguished actor, Joe Moore has played numerous roles in island based TV series including: Magnum PI, Jake and the Fatman, One Waikiki West and Tour of Duty. He has also acted in several feature films. Starring with Joe Moore is an Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss, and a stellar cast of special guest stars including George Segal, Don Stroud, Terence Knapp, and Frank De Lima.

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Joe Moore has generously donated a supply of limited-edition 2-disc DVD sets of the play to the Mitchell Gallery of Flight. A donation of $29.95 per DVD is suggested. Donations are tax deductible.

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